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Wild Goatravel: How to plan an African Adventure

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

The Greatest Of All African Travels: Where should you start your African adventure for two?

A Southern African adventure is special on any level, add your favourite person and you will know why magic exists in Africa.

When we think about adventures in Southern Africa we are drawn to flaming sunsets, flowing rivers, calm lakes, breath-taking mountains, cascading waterfalls and turquoise blue oceans. All of this surrounded by colourfully-cultured people and unimaginable beauty.

From the colours of Mozambique to the space of the deserts in Namibia or the great plains of Tanzania to the bustling city streets of Cape Town and its famously known Table Mountain in South Africa. There is Magic that touches the soul of one and all visitors.

We aren’t naive of course. Africa can be harsh and a little navigation is needed, trust us, we live here! However once past the planning stages and having booked your trip, you will find the colour, love and beauty that so many speak of.

So where should you start your African adventure for two?

#1 What African Adventure are you looking for?

With so much choice in Africa you will need to choose what type of African adventure you want. Bear in mind if you want to mix it up the costs are likely to climb. However there are some options that pack in a variety of things. Take Victoria Falls for example.

Vic Falls has amazing scenery, the world-famous Victoria Falls of course, its Culture, vibe and you can also experience the wild animals of Africa all in a small area. However if you don’t mind traveling and have the budget, Africa’s magic can be found in many places. For example a great way to enter Africa is through Cape Town and then move on to a more rustic safari experience in Zimbabwe and Botswana or Zambia.

#2 Decide on a Budget and be flexible:

We will admit Africa is not the cheapest travel destination in the world however, as with many destinations, you can squeeze a variety of options to fit most budgets. The major costs will be your air fares (inter-Africa Air fares) and some hidden costs that may not affect you in other destinations for example limited public transport options in most countries means traveling around can get pricy.

#3 Find a trusted Travel Agent:

Once you have your adventure and budget in mind, the next step that we recommend is finding a reliable travel agent and there are thousands out there so be sure to choose one that you feel gets your vibe and what you are looking for. While standard big packages are attractive and going with the big agents, how about looking for a boutique and personalised travel agent with a base in Africa. This kind of personal experience only adds to your experience. It also doesn’t have to cost you anything extra, in fact a tailor-made adventure could cost you less than a standard big package. Travel agents are there to make your life easier and want to work WITH you in creating a dream safari you will be talking about for years to come.

#4 Details, Details, Details: Give your travel agent as much information as possible and let them help you choose and adjust your travel itinerary to suite your budget and adventure. Make sure you let them know something about yourself, what you want from your trip, a budget, any dietary requirements, is there a special occasion? e.t.c. Then let them do the rest.

#5 Itinerary check and planning; Once the travel agent has done a proposed itinerary, have a look over it and even research it yourself if you so wish. Check out the lodges social media and find out what to expect. From this you can change a few things and adjust your budget accordingly. Then simply pay for your booking with the travel agent who will make all the necessary preparations and pay the individual lodges, activities, transfers and you will receive your confirmation in the form of a Travel Voucher. Some travel agents use different itinerary planning software that will make your life super easy and keeps you informed at every step.

#6 Before you depart on your adventure : Get in touch with your travel agent for a quick chat and pre-departure check on any final queries you may have.

Find Magic in Africa in the Greatest Of all African Travels: This is where you start.

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