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Why You Should Sign up For Ace Emergency Membership Cover

We love to travel to some of the most beautiful destinations and majority of the time this requires an element of uncertainty and danger. Take for example our roads in Zimbabwe which at present are a nightmare from the drivers to the potholes. Almost all of the best destinations lie on the most treacherous stretches of roads.

We believe in being prepared while having a great time adventuring at your chosen destination. One way we recommend doing this is by encouraging our guests to purchase the ACE Emergency Membership cover.

Their Packages:

$1 per month: Road Ambulance Country Wide

· To nearest Hospital

· Fully equipped to ICU level

· All emergency resuscitation equipment and medication

· Registered nurse and paramedic

· Country wide 24 hours

$3.50 per Month: Road Ambulance and Helicopter Rescue

· To nearest Hospital

· Aeromedical configuration

· Advanced Life support equipment and ICU medication

· Two advanced paramedics

· Country wide 24/7

$5 per Month: Road Ambulance, Air Ambulance Helicopter Rescue and Emergency Call Centre 24 hours

· To most appropriate medical centre within Zimbabwe

· ICU Aeromedical services

· ICU Advanced medical equipment

· Intensivist Doctor and ICU nurse

· Country wide 24/7

All can be done at our Wild Goat Offices! Pop in and make sure you are covered for your next adventure !.

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