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Is Travel Opening Up?

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

For almost 2 years now, travel throughout the world has been severely restricted and often shut off completely, however we've been looking at a few key indicators there seems to be hope on the horizon and light at the end of the tunnel.

What Have we looked for.

General News and Rumors

Like all speculators in a world where being first but generally better but sometimes not factually correct, you now have to scour through the news and rumors to find the right clues. This is what we have tried to do. For example the latest news suggests Australia will finally be opening up to travelers in November and will accept a variety of vaccines including the Chinese and Indian ones. The UK has also stated they will reduce their red list to only 8 countries; fingers crossed that Southern African countries aren’t one of them!

Stock Market

This may seem a bit odd but the stock market is full of 'speculators' who are often more informed and a better judge of future economic and market conditions. Looking at the general travel stocks such as airlines and airline suppliers there has recently been an increase after months of decrease and sideways movement. This is on the back of a generally bearish stock market. Take Royals Royce for example, they have increased by up to 25% in the past month due to various deals and news.

Covid Vaccines and Passports

Yes, always a contentious topic, and we may get a bit of backlash, but from all we can see vaccine mandates see to be becoming a way of the future and it looks like many countries will require some type of proof of vaccination in order to enter or travel through their countries. The news here is only getting louder with some airlines requiring their staff to be vaccinated and many other companies following suit. So without going into detail about vaccines and if they are good or bad for you, it does look like more and more people are getting vaccinated in order to be able to travel (don’t shoot the messenger!)

Foreign Tourists Arrivals

Another great indicator is foreign tourist arrivals in your country. From our recent enquiries, bookings and contacts we have noticed an increase in foreign tourist arrivals in Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls and many other hot spots are also definitely seeing an increase in foreign visitors and bookings for the coming new year.

The Decrease in Covid Related News

Whilst covid still takes a large chunk of the news cycle these days it seems as though the ever-changing and moving world is slowly getting over the constant covid news. This is good for a number of reasons:

1. Firstly it means covid is becoming the 'new normal' and we are adjusting and learning to live with it.

2. Secondly the fear of covid in the world is decreasing and this is great for travel.

3. The waves are getting less as more people are getting vaccinated and 'herd immunity' is kicking in.

4. People are getting on with their lives after the last two years of stagnancy and everything being put on hold.

To conclude and looking at these indicators and the general news, we are moving into a world that is finally opening back up and while the future will always be uncertain and we will see new waves and various set backs, at least we have some general direction and hope on the horizon.

See you out there Wild Goatribe!

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