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Why Everyone Should Use a Travel Designer

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Great travel companies exist purely to make your life easier when you travel and let’s admit it travelling can be stressful especially in Africa. I like many people I know thought travel companies make rates more expensive, are unnecessary and just a middle man that makes money from my bookings. While yes it is true they do make money from this, but nothing is done for free and we will explain why the cost of this service doesn’t cost you anything. Since working with them and knowing the back story to a travel company it’s quite clear they only benefit you and have made my life much easier on many occasions. Let’s go through my reasons for planing the greatest of all travels through travel companies.

1) It is their job and passion to find the greatest most personalised experiences, escapes, activities, places to stay and combinations that suit your vibe. Travel designers usually spend hours looking for great adventures and travel all over the place to experience them. This means you get more informed and personalised experience based on you. Think about it if you find a great travel company that you consistently book through they will know what you like, your family likes and then tailor all your adventures to you!

2) They do all the work for the same price sometimes less. The companies often know the best deals going on and where to find packages or simply make up their packages. If you did all this work it would take 5 times as long and cost you the same as if a travel agent does it that brings us to point 3.

3) Point 3 travel designers and agents make their money from commissions and not from charging you anything more than what lodges, hotels or operators charge. Normally this comes as a percentage of the fee.

4) They know and follow all the industry specials and can quickly access them.

5) Complicated itineraries are made easy and they can normally get these to you fast and efficiently.

6) Single point of contact for your whole adventure. If you are going on a road trip it is much easier to have your travel designer on WhatsApp than the 10 lodge and operators that you are visiting. After all, they want your business and to keep you as a loyal customer.

7) Your travel designer will know all your requirements and special needs and communicate these before your arrival. They will also let you know of anything important upfront and before you start your adventure.

8) Credibility is huge in the industry and if you trust your designer then you have nothing to worry about however google sometimes lies and websites can be made to look better than they are.

9) Travel agents work for you and not the operators making them less bias and not trying to sell you a product but rather your personal experience.

10) Lastly, they can help you out of a sticky situation and will be there for you even after your adventure has ended.

I could list 100 more things but these are the main points and if you haven’t started using a travel designer don’t be a hero.

Enjoy your travels.

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