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  • Kingsley Reid

THE ZAMBEZI (Poem: by Kingsley Reid)

From a spring at the base of a tree,

One of the most majestic river begins to run free.

This is a story of an absolute giver,

The one and only Zambezi River.

Over twenty five hundred kilometres of beauty and power,

The giant never sleeps not even for an hour.

Through four countries it flows and winds it's way,

Right down to the Indian Ocean spray.

It's natural beauty is second to none,

Giving life to many, like bream to name one.

Man has managed to tame this raw energy,

To give us electricity and drive for prosperity .

It's influence on the region is unlike any other,

And we are so lucky to live amongst each other.

From the turbulent waters of the mosi-oa-tunya,

To the gentle lapping of lake Kariba.

This truly is a river that cannot be compared,

But only respected and highly revered.

The waters have flowed since bygone days,

And African Thunderstorms will continue this phase.

So that a sliver of the one and only, ZAMBEZI RIVER!

:Kingsley Reid

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