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The Baobab Africa's Tree of Life

Baobabs are one of the most iconic trees in an African setting. In fact we are pretty sure you have seen a classic Baobab sunset in an instagram post somewhere if not here is one for you.

A quick look into the scientific names and genus before we give you 7 facts we have learnt.

- There are nine different species belonging to the genus Adansonia cluster of trees

- Two are found on mainland Africa, Six on Madagascar and one in Australia.

- The two in Africa are Adansonia Digitata and Adansonia Kilima.

The fun facts:

1) They can live for over 3000 years. That means one could be alive that was here BC times.

2) They can survive drought by storing water in their trunks, regrow bark if stripped and resist termites and fires.

3) They have a variety of different names: Monkey bread tree, upside-down tree, dead rat tree (appearance of the fruit), bottle tree and African tree of life.

4) Their flowers bloom at night and are pollinated by bats.

5) The creased trunks and hollowed interiors provides homes to thousands of creatures.

6) They have been used for various different shelters and buildings including; post offices, bush pubs, jails and one was even used by an infamous poacher in Gonarazhou now named 'Shadreck's office'. Shadreck used this Baobab as a place to store his goods and hide from scouts.

7) The tree itself and its Super-fruit have a variety of uses and health benefits.

We love the Baobab and all it has to offer Africa.

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