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Chundu Island of Seolo Africa Experience

An amazing little island lodge just 21km upstream from Victoria Falls town. It is the perfect combination of a "Beach-and-Bush Safari" as it literally has its own pristine sandy white beach, complete with the squeaky sound between the toes as you walk barefoot along it .

The lodge was opened in November 2017 and has 6 Riverview suites and 2 family units so keeping it small and you do feel the wonderful privacy of not many people around.

Everywhere you look a bushbuck pops its head up and the fawns that daintily trot along after their mothers are just the cutest thing! They wander in, around and sometimes through the camp adding their own personal touch to the place.

If you're a keen birder (I'd like to say I'm an aspiring one!) then this is the place for you! I shall always remember Chundu as the place where I could add my first rare birds to my Roberts Birding List - 2 Caspian Terns (which apparently this was the 3rd ever known recorded sighting in Zimbabwe for them), the very elusive and endangered African Finfoot, the Schalows Turaco, the Collared Palm Thrush and also the pink-backed Pelican. I had my wonderful guide Paul Ngorima, who once he found out I was interested in birds, took me on a walk around the island and enthusiasticly showed me all these delightful feathered creatures. He even showed me a hornbill's nest complete with mama-bird sealed up inside which I would never have picked up on had Paul not stopped the car and pointed it out to me.

Guests can choose from a range of activities to do both on the island, on the river or in the Zambezi National Park. These include canoeing on the river, fun fishing, sunset cruises, game drives, safari walks, island walks, a complimentary transfer to visit the mighty Victoria Falls or perhaps just stay on the island instead and put your feet up with a good book or pamper yourself with an in-house massage.

Chundu honestly gives you the best of both worlds - water and wildlife! If you'd like any further information, please feel free to pop me an email at and I'd be happy to answer any questions

Mana Brightman

Executive Head of Travel

(Images: Mana Brightman and Paul Karnstedt)

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