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Adventures are not a One Size fits All Our current top 5 Zimbabwean Adventures

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

We love a good adventure and to us, it can be anything from grabbing a coffee at a unique coffee shop or sky diving out a small airplane screaming our lungs out. There is no one size fits all kind of adventure so we have put together some of our favorites for 2021.

1) The River God Adventure:

The Zambezi is an all-time favourite for most Zimbabweans, you can’t go wrong booking any adventure along the banks of the “river”. Our pick of adventures on this awe-inspiring creation is River God Adventures. We believe it to be the most immersive and unique experience one can have on a Southern African Safari.

The River God Adventure takes you on what we can only describe as a complete lower Zambezi experience. The Adventure begins at Chirundu and explores the areas of Mana Pools, Sapi, and Chewore Safari collectively forming a UNESCO World Heritage Site and ends in Kanyemba a few kilometers before the river enters Mozambique.

Relaxing with some of your best friends on a specially designed riverboat meandering and floating down peacefully on top of the beast that is the Zambezi, all the while experiencing everything one could ever dream of on a Southern Africa safari from Elephants, tiger fishing to parking on an island for the night. This is an adventure for the ages.

2) Turaco Trail

Zimbabwe is known for its rich, diverse, and unique ecosystems and terrains all of which constitute it being an iconic travel destination. The Nyanga mountains are one such unique destination. Our top adventure in these highlands is the turaco trail created by Far and Wide Zimbabwe. This trail is one of the greatest and most iconic trails in Africa.

The trail traverses the Nyanga National Park and has various loops or a 5 day through hike where you can do it yourself or hire a guide and porters. The trail passes through some of Africa's last mountainous forests and grasslands. Hiking means it is only ever booked out for your group at a time ensuring limited interaction with others. Once a year Far and Wide holds SkyRun Zim, fast becoming one of the greatest mountain runs in the world. A true adventure gem in the belt of Zimbabwe where you can be all alone surrounded by what we can only imagine is pristine and what can only be seen in a movie, mountain environments. This is a must.

3) The Nesbit Castle

Remember we said adventures can be big or small well this is a small one but one we believe is fun. Castles always bring the child out in us and we have our very own one in Zimbabwe. The castle has a history tied to Bulawayo and its Mayor who left it to his son to finish eventually ending up in the hands of Mr. Nesbit.

The Neo-Gothic Castle today is a hotel, can be visited and toured or be booked as a venue. Go visit it for a small but unique adventure even if it seems out of place in a Zimbabwean setting.

4) Cave Paintings

You will notice that we celebrate and love Africa for its culture and heritage, we believe it is important to embrace all of it. Zimbabwe has a rich heritage and there are various spiritual, historic places to visit. Our current favorite has to be cave paintings, some of the best can be found in the Matopos.

The rocks found in these hills make for a great canvas, who wouldn’t be inspired to draw what they see in the magnificent landscape. The paintings tell of rich stories and the true mystery and appeal to us is that no one knows why they were painted. We like to think creative inspiration can be found anywhere and that stories can be told by everyone even you (hint visit our content creator competition).

5) Horse Safaris Hwange

Ok, so this is limited for those who like horse riding and are capable which limits it however we can only imagine what it would be like roaming parts of Hwange on a horseback amongst African Wildlife.

This horse safari Adventure starts and ends at Inganyana Tented Camp in itself it is unique and worth a visit, so shout out to them.

That concludes our current best adventures that we can think of at this very second, but they are always changing and there are many adventures to be discovered everyday!

See you out there you crazy Wild Goat Tribe!

Credit for the photos: Iganyana tented camp, River God Adventures, Far and Wide Zimbabwe and Nesbit Castle.

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