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A Wild Goatravel Recommend Rhino Safari Camp

A huge thank you to Karl Wright and Jenny Nobes, owners & managers of Rhino Safari Camp for the Famil I had with them finishing off my recent trip to Lake Kariba with utter perfection! This camp is all about rustic feels and being as close to nature as possible.

There are no fences surrounding the camp and visitors big and small pop in as they feel inclined to. You could be sitting by the pool, barefoot with the beach sand tickling your toes, sipping a G&T with a book in hand, and an elephant will silently tread by for a drink at the pool. Leopard and hyenas are frequent visitors at night too!

There are 7 open-fronted chalets on stilts allowing for the cool breeze of the lake to drift in. I HAVE to mention how divinely comfortable their beds are! Karl & Jenny, the knowledgeable guides Mark & Gareth, and the camp staff are at your beck-and-call for your every need and delivered always with a smile on their faces. Their motto about camp is to make you "relax and feel at home in the bush - with simplicity and classic hospitality, focusing on living with harmony with nature". It can't get better than that!

They have a jaw-dropping Special for locals on the go at the moment which is running to the end of the year. It's a deal not to be missed, believe me!

Contact me on +263785416735 | to find out more!

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