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Get an IDea

Have a great travel story or an idea, let us know or experience it then share it with us it could be as simple as your best coffee shop!


Tell your story through a blog, photos, vlog or simple video.

This must be of high quality (1080p) and we will even edit and refine it for you.


Submit your content with us and we will edit and create something you will love! Then share it on our social media. 


If you arent sure of your idea get in touch with us and we may be able to help you out.

The greatest of all content will win great prizes.


How Does it Work

We make it as easy as possible!

Have or plan an adventure by yourself or with your friends anywhere in Southern Africa. Write a blog or create a vlog while doing it. Your blog must have some quality original photos and your vlog must be recorded in at least 1080p, be original, have original songs with legal permission for all content. The more creative and interesting the story line is the better your chances of winning. Once you have your idea, blog or vlog contact us and pitch it or send it via email / wetransfer and we will let you know if your entry makes it onto our page and enters our competition. Leave your Instagram handle and Facebook  name so we can tag you.  We will even edit your vlog or adventure for you, just send us your clips and we will add our own music and audio. 

Good luck and get sharing! 

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